Random Bits #6

Seems like I’m suffering from Hiatus Disease. Yeah, your job can make you become a lazy blogger, especially one where you have to multitask.

I’m still up to date with Gundam 00, but I skipped Rental Magica #7 and haven’t watched Clannad beyond #4. However, I did a two day streak of all Bamboo Blade and Minami-ke that are now available. Perhaps what I need is slice-of-life comedy, not sad girls in spring.

I’m not listening to anime radio as much now, and the sole reason is because Shizuka-sama is not a regular at Radio ToHeart2 anymore. OTL Why they have to restructure it? Yurishii and her are the winning combo hands down.

I still sometimes listen to Akira-sama, Minoru, Tsukasa, and Kagami chitchatting in Lucky Channel ~ Ryouou Gakuen Houkago no Sukue. Some diligent folks at Nico Nico Douga took the time to “illustrate” the radio show with scenes from the anime, making it a lot more entertaining than just plain streaming. See an example below:

In the last two days, I’ve been listening to a couple of anime songs repeatedly. One song is “Look at Me Tenderly” (NSFW) by MOSAIC.WAV. This song is special because Mi~ko deviates from her usual loli voice and delivers in a more mature tone. The lyrics is also nice and sexy. Too bad the eroge that uses the song (NSFW) is crap. The other song is “Tune the Rainbow” by Sakamoto Maaya, probably one the of best anime songs ever. Very easy to listen to and relaxing. It’s no surprise many Nico Nico Douga denizens include the song in their 神曲 list. (I’m embarrassed to report that it reads “shinkyoku” not “kamikyoku” like I understood earlier.)

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