Tanaka Rie, a Pastafarian Since 2001

A little known fact about the FSMism is that the Church has been well established in Japan since as early as 2001. Moreover, Tanaka Rie had a stint as a nun in a Pastafarian convent even before Bobby Henderson made the faith’s existence known to Americans in 2005.

A recent video clip at Nico Nico Douga revealed that, in a session of her popular radio corner, “Sister Rierie Confession Chamber”, Tanaka Rie uttered “RAmen” at the end of her prayer. It then became clear that the Lord she served was none other than the almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster himself.

A proof of her Pastafarian faith is around 11:15.

An earlier record of Sister Rierie’s Confession Chamber.

Alas, His Noodly Appendage has not extended its kind protection to Tanaka, who were targets barrages of abusive postcards from those she supposed to listen to their confessions. Some called her “tarako kuchibiru” (lit: cod roe lips, but means “big lips”), and some accused her of stinking of garlic (ninniku-kusai) just because her favorite food is garlic spaghetti. (Perhaps the almighty is punishing her for this?) Some confessors went as far as composing a song just to deride her:

Ta wa Tanaka no ta (Ta is the ta in Takana)
Ra wa Raman no ra (Ra is the ra in Raman)
Ko wa kouganmuchi (Ko is “shameless.”)
Ku wa kusai kuchi (Ku is “smelly mouth.”)
Chi wa chobihige yo (Chi is “short mustache.”)
Bi wa biirubara (Bi is “beer pack.”)
Ru wa rururururu (Ru is “rururururu.”)
Saa utaimashou (So, let’s all sing along.)

As a result, Tanaka’s personality deteriorated from a kind sister who would forgive almost every sin to a vengeful spirit who confessed to the Lord that she even “wanted to physically harm those listeners” who perpetrated the tarako meme.

“I can’t always keep smiling, you know?” said Tanaka with a maniacal laugh.

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    One question. I know this sounds off topic but what effect does One Piece have on Global warming?

  2. maglor
    Posted December 13, 2007 at 6:24 pm | Permalink

    Well, Ramen has long been called food of the gods in Korea.

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