Rental Magica #13

Yes, I’m still watching the series though my resolve to blog it is so really easily chattered. The series kind of went downhill for me because there has been nothing really happening story-wise. I’m also getting sick of Itsuki. Spewing kindness around to random human and ghosts makes him so unhuman.

But #13 is different. It’s about Honami and Addie! In their loli forms! Winnage! We also get some character development: Addie has been a bitch since then, and Honami’s strong resolve was due to the fact that she screwed up so bad before. All in all, nice animation and little conflict they build here in this episode.

My name is Adilicia Lenn Mathers, descendant of King Solomon. The only thing I can say now is “Forneus” (damn you lazy animators), but that doesn’t stop me from being an arrogant bitch.

My name is Honami Takase Ambler. I made my friend’s left eye evil and that’s why he’s going to be my future husband and why I am acting stoic right now.

To tell the truth, Dumbledore the unnamed principal was once a transfer student to Japan. He adopted the practice of Kimodameshi as the entrace exam of Hogwarts this unnamed magical academy; mostly because he got glomped by the scared school idol back then.

Expectro Patronum

OMG! She’s so cute!

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