Spice and Wolf #1

I dig slice of life. Spice and Wolf should be slice of life, right? I don’t care about that any more. I’ll watch this show for Horo. She has all THE ATTRIBUTES. 250-year-old non-human who take a shape of a young girl? I dig that. Street smart? I dig that. Speaking like an oiran? I dig that. “Wacchi?” I dig that. Fox ears and tails? I guess I dig that. Staying naked for almost all the episode? Didn’t expect this, but YES!

I’m never wrong about assessing people. You are an ephebophile, a masochist, and a lover of furry.

Chloe: I have grown, you know?
Lawrence: Sorry,you’re too big.

Hey, you’re pretty good for that size. Take me away from this place if you want to do it again.

Okay. I’ll take you along. But mine can be really frightening if you underestimate it, you know?

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