“Nanoha-chan to Fate-chan ga Raburabu nan da yo!” said Tamura Yukari.

It’s official!

The above video is full of lulz. First, a 15-year-old boy sent a postcard asking Yukarin “[...] Girls I like are 2D characters and Yukarin. It’s awkward to say that, isn’t it? Can you suggest a way to avoid the subject?”

Yukarin and the co-host went “Hmm… This is difficult.” And Yukarin said, “You see. I’m, like, 2.5D myself.” (LOL)

The co-host then reminded her that the boy also said that he liked her as well. She went “Oh, sorry. I didn’t notice that at all.” (Ah, Yukarin, how dense can you get? wwwwwwwww)

Then she suggested the boy could describe the girl’s “attributes” such as long hair, big eyes (Yukarin remarked that they’re larger than her ears as she’s a 2D character. wwww).

From that point, Yukarin acted as the boy who tried to avoid telling his friend about his 2D obsession, and the co-host acted as a nosy friend. He asked questions such as which school that girl went, what her name was, or when Yukarin met the girl, some of which Yukarin dodged very well. Here are some hilarious parts.

Co-host: Have you confessed?
Yukarin: Well, if I confess, I think she wouldn’t even notice me though.
Co-host: Like a one-sided love?
Yukarin: You see, I just like to watch her from afar. (Isn’t that stalking?)
Co-host: Does she have a boyfriend?
Yukarin: いねーよ。 (A rude and masculine way of saying “Hell no!”) Absolutely not.

Co-host: You have a photo of her?
Yukarin: Yes I do.
Co-host: Show me then.
Yukarin: Is a capture okay?
Co-host: A capture? What’s that? (wwwwwwww)

Co-host: What club is she in?
Yukarin: Err… Club? Magic club? [Jap: mahoubu] (WTF is that?)
Yukarin: Eh… You see, like, she uses vacuum flask [Jap: mahoubin].
Co-host: You mean tea ceremony club?
Yukarin: Yeah, kind of like that. (Very smooth. Yukarin.)

I was confused as to what this “Magic Club” was, but it appeared that Yukarin was referring to Nanoha the whole time:

Co-host: Hey, we’re going to have a Chrismas party. You tell her to come.
Yukarin: Huh? I can’t.
Co-host: But can’t you just ask her?
Yukarin: But she’s fighting, you know.
Yukarin: With the entrance exams.
Yukarin: She’s fighting the entrance exam war.
Co-host: Right… Those private school exams are early.

And here comes the jewel of the show:

Yukarin: You know. I like her. But it’s not like I want to go out with her.
Co-host: Hmm?
Yukarin: You see. I just want to look at them. I don’t need to be there.
Yukarin: Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan are Raburabu. Damn it!
Co-host: Huh?
Yukarin: Oh, it’s nothing.
Co-host: What? Fate-san? Nanoha-san?
Yukarin: The rape blossom is blooming. [Jap: Nanohana ga suki.] I like them. They are cute. (She’s changing the subject by playing with words.)

Yukarin: I want to look at them. ‘Cause they’re YURINYURIN.
Co-host: What’s this “yurinyurin.”
Yukarin: It’s just a catch phrase.
Co-host: Like what all those rappers use? (wwwwwwwww)
Yukarin: Yeah, I like to watch them from afar.
Co-host: Because they’re yurinyurin. I see.

Massive lulz. Yurinyurin. It made my day. Yukarin, you’re truly full of winnage.a

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    Well, it looks like even though the writers liked to play with us by jerking between Feinano and Yuunano, Yukarin had chosen one of the two as her personal OTP. wwww

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