I’m Thai. I love anime/manga (for cute girls), and doujinshi (for letting me see those cute girls under a different light). I don’t collect figures because I don’t have space for them although I collect dakimakura partly because they are easy to keep, but mainly because they are very useful to my ronery existence.

I started blogging so as to force myself to read raw chapters of Mahou Sensei Negima and School Rumble every week. After a while, my interest in the manga dwindled, and I’m on indefinite hiatus blogging the two series. (You see, I have a problem of personal discipline.) Currently, I write sporadically about Nico Nico Douga, current anime series, seiyuu, and other random stuffs.

Apart from participating in the anime blogging community by writing this blog, I have been a part of Touhou fan community and translated of some of the manga and doujinshi. I’m not very active at translation now though.

Currently, after reading Lessig’s Free Culture, I’m fired up about copyright issues, especially as it applies to doujinshi and Nico Nico Douga. I think doujinshi creators should be free to create whatever they want without asking for copyright owners’ permission. In the same time, I want artists who produce the original arts that get derived to be suitabliy compensated. I’m going to explore options and publish my thoughts in this blog to be a part of the ongoing dialog on how we as a society should deal with ideas and the natural practice of building upon them.

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