K-On! #01

I’m lazy, but still wanna blog a bit. So you get Momotato-styled post.

HEAVEN JOUTAI #1HEAVEN JOUTAI #2HEAVEN JOUTAI #3... Eh!?!HEAVEN JOUTAI #4Erm... Yomi-san? What are you doing here?Mio is LOVE.

A retarted girl got recruited to form a band with a foolhardy tomboy, a tsundere who doesn’t know how to say no, and an ojou-sama who never have had fast food outside in her entire life. Yui’s retardedness is annoying. Of course, Mio is made of pure win in the ED, but what capivated me was the following shot of Ritsu:

Hmm... Ritsu...
I found this very sexy. Don’t ask me why.

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The Type of Room I Want to Have…

…but I can’t have since I’m messy. How much do all these gears cost? Man, that guy must be filthy rich.

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Hakata no Shio

It all started with the TV ads below:

One thing is big, loud, and clear: Ha! Ka! Ta! no! Shio!
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Japanese(?) I Learned from Nico Nico Douga #2

ヘブン状態 (heaven joutai)

In a female-oriented (read: fujoshi-bait) DS game called “DUEL LOVE,” you can use the touch pen to, err, “wipe the sweat” of the bishounen below to sway his mood like this:

angry –> annoyed –> normal –> happy –> embarassed –> HEAVEN JOUTAI!!

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Maikaze’s Anime Posted in Nico Nico

Dude! Watch this IMMEDIATELY!

  • Reimu’s donation box, Patchouli’s books, and SDM’s coffee and drink supplies all disappear in the same night.
  • Reimu goes to SDM investigate with Aya and Marisa in tow.
  • The gang goes to see Patchouli, whom Reimu thinks stole the the donation box (without any reason).
  • Patchouli fights Reimu with Royal Flare. Reimu retaliates with a flying kick followed by Musou Fuuin.
  • Remilia comes to stop the fight and points out that it’s a case to be solved.


  • Superb! Supreme! Magnificent! GODLY! GYAAAAAAAH! マジですご過ぎる!!! Can’t believe this is doujinshi!
  • I’m impressed by the background and the fight scene.
  • While the characters’ genga are not the prettiest in the world, they move like a high-budget anime.
  • Marisa’s voice is too boyish for my taste. Sakuya’s is kind of too soft. Aya’s is perfect. I expected Patchouli to sound more reserved, but Takahashi Mikako did quite well.
  • The Aya-boke-Marisa-tsukkomi combo works quite well. I got a few small laughs from their interactions. Reimu’s what-the-fuck-this-meddling-tengu-is-doing is golden.
  • “Next Episode: Yukarin is 17 years old.”wwwwwwwww So Onee-chan is going to voice her then! Actually, they haven’t thought about the 2nd episode’s title yet.
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ZUN’s “Doujinshi License”

ZUN’s blog post I partially translated (alternate translation available at Sankaku Complex, of course) seems to generate much controversy both in Japan and in the world of us weaboos. The anime’s promotional video in Nico Nico Douga was made 10 minutes long to allow lots of comments, and there you would find lengthy comments (by Nico Nico standard)  like you would find at Sankaku Complex.

More important than the postscript, the main meat of the post outlined ZUN’s copyright policy, setting the limits on what people can do wiith Touhou content. Here are some excerpts: Read More »

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Maikaze’s Touhou Anime and ZUN’s Comment

Maikaze‘s release of their doujin anime “Musou Kakyou” is now the hottest topic in the world of Touhou fans. Some (myself included) are excited about it due to the appearance of big-name seiyuus like Nakahara Mai and Sawashiro Miyuki in the cast list. Some think it’s going to suck big time and be yet another dark history (kurorekishi) like SOUND HOLIC’s Touhou Project Side Story, which got Ueda Kana to voice an original character. Regardless of fan opinions, the anime is certainly hyped: Maikaze’s web server is overloaded, and they have to take out images and webpages to reduce traffic earlier this week. (The official website is announced to be opened on December 15 though.)

The reason for the hype seems to be the seiyuus alone. And this got ZUN worried. On December 10, he posted on his blog the following comment: (Translation fixed thanks to Solamarle.) Read More »

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Taiga and Minorin Go Deculture

Watch below how Taiga suddenly bursts out “kimi wa dare ni kissu wo suru…” in a family restaurant.

Seriously, Triangler is a much better OP song than Pure Parade.

By the way, the original video was removed already thanks to Kings Record. This one will be gone in a few hours as well I guess.

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Aso Taro LDP Channel on Nico Nico Douga

Aso Taro just opened his own channel at Nico Nico Douga today, and here it is: http://www.nicovideo.jp/official/asou. He also greeted the users of Nico Nico Douga with the following message:

After some digging around, the LDP has been using video sharing sites to communicate for quite some time. They have a Youtube channel since November 2007 and also a Yahoo channel. It’s not a surprise that they expand to the burgeoning Nico Nico Douga. What’s notable is that the channel is not named the “LDP channel,” but “Aso Taro’s LDP Channel.” They must be trying to reach the otaku demographics there.

Looking back at Thailand, I think our policital outreach on the web is still far behind. So far, I know only one politician, Rosana Towsitrakul, who used the web as a political tool effectively. I learned of her run for the Senate from my friend via twitter, and later learned from her official website about her platform and stuffs. If you look at the website, you’ll find a number of Youtube-like videos of “cool” people talking about the importance of politics and stuffs, which I think is a great way to get the message across to middle-class people.

However, while her campaign was impressive, I’m very disappointed with Rosana personally now. (I didn’t vote for her though because my address is not in Bangkok.) She’s all out supporing the PAD, but I disagree with lots of their goals and means to achieve those.

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To Aru Majutsu No Index, The Musical

One creative MAD maker at Nico Nico Douga took advantage of well-animated lip movement of Index in the first episode of TAMNI in the most delightful way. He/She had Index sing “Yume Wa Owaranai,” while still hanging on Touma’s balcony.

The MAD is brilliant for its perfect lip-synch. It’s also quite funny. I loled at Touma’s dropping his futon as he is bewildered by a strange nun who starts singing out of the blue. The MAD is the starting point of a series of similar videos called the ベランダで歌ってみたシリーズ, each featuring Index and Touma being lip-synched to famous songs or anime lines. Here are some good ones: Read More »

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