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Hakata no Shio

It all started with the TV ads below: 【ニコニコ動画】たくさんある伯方の塩CM【MAD素材にも】 One thing is big, loud, and clear: Ha! Ka! Ta! no! Shio!

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Taiga and Minorin Go Deculture

Watch below how Taiga suddenly bursts out “kimi wa dare ni kissu wo suru…” in a family restaurant. 【ニコニコ動画】消すぜぇ~超消すぜぇ~ Seriously, Triangler is a much better OP song than Pure Parade. By the way, the original video was removed already thanks to Kings Record. This one will be gone in a few hours as well I […]

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To Aru Majutsu No Index, The Musical

One creative MAD maker at Nico Nico Douga took advantage of well-animated lip movement of Index in the first episode of TAMNI in the most delightful way. He/She had Index sing “Yume Wa Owaranai,” while still hanging on Touma’s balcony. 【ニコニコ動画】インデックスさんがテイルズオブファンタジアOP曲を熱唱し始めました。 The MAD is brilliant for its perfect lip-synch. It’s also quite funny. I loled at […]

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